Content, Content, Content


Content is a term thrown around about as loosely as possible. Nearly everything you experience online is content. Blog posts, videos, news articles, gifs, memes; they are all content.

Anything that took even the tiniest bit of creativity to create is content. There is more of it today than any day prior. With each day bringing an immeasurable amount of original content, even the best posters can get lost in the information hurricane that floods smartphone, tablet and personal computer (in that order might I add).

Content is everywhere

The simplest start to being heard online would be to go with something you know. For me, I know sports.

I browse a variety of sites for different types of sports content. Some of it is informative, some of it funny. Still, content is easily missed if you are not keeping up with everything at all times like my wife here:

Device overload.

Device overload.

Sites like ESPN and Yahoo are solid follows, but newer sites like Deadspin and SB Nation occupy equal, if not more of my online viewing time. The latter sites are less established brands, often reporting from afar. Still, the content is usually of value to consumers. 

When not checking out content related to the sports world I am naturally drawn to the city I live in, St. Louis. I tend to rely on online counterpart to The St. Louis Post Dispatch,, for a good percentage of news.

Still, keeping up with restaurants, attractions, different festivals or parades that alter my routes, are not always top priority when blood and guts draw more readers.

Notifications from St. Louis based apps help, but content can still be missed.

HowTo: Get the most content

If you feel like the technology world is passing you by, there are a few simple ways of getting more of the content you want.

My list of followers is often trimmed down, nixing the users that don’t offer me the content I am looking for. It can be tedious, but this helps.

  • Use apps that filter content for you.

MY app of choice is Google Currents, but I have had experience with the extinct Google Reader and newly with Feedly. You select certain sites, topics, hastags, etc. of interest, and they are presented to you neatly in one place.

How to offer content

As a content creator, again, I offer the things that I know. I know social media. I know blogs. I know how to use applications.

Creativity is also a huge part. Being able to photograph, edit and create with programs like Photoshop and inDesign, and still understand the value in older programs like word and excel is crucial.

Communications and technology go hand-in-hand, so understanding them both can give you the leg up.

I know how to use my strengths in both to my advantage while still successfully presenting information. When looking for a career, these are the things I will offer to my employer.

Think about technology. Twitter did not take off truly before 2009. Businesses need someone who is immersed in the daily trends of the internet.

As a smartphone user in the journalism field, we are specifically being taught how to use these tools to our advantage.

Twitters and Facebook accounts are musts for many businesses looking to get their name out or expand their brand. How long before the next generation of social applications content creators.

When that day comes, I’ll be ready.

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